The Inferno

‘Slowly she crawled towards the main door, leaving her child in the mercy of the fire…’


The screams jolted her awake. Groggily she opened her eyes. What she saw struck fear into her heart. For a few seconds she was too dazed to move. She was transfixed on her bed, unable to move a muscle. The acrid smell choked her. The screams outside intensified. Her house was engulfed in flames. The cry of her baby in the next room snapped her back into reality.

Not bothering to cover her almost naked body she made a dash for the door. The smoke stung her eyes. Teary, weary and disoriented she groped blindly for the door. Her three year old daughter was now screaming. She was calling for her mother. What she saw when she got to her daughters room made her knees weak.

There were flames blocking the entrance. Her daughters scream became shrill, chilly. Huge flames separated her from her only daughter. She had to act. She had to save her. Throwing all caution to the wind, she tore into the flames.

Three seconds later she beat a hasty retreat. The fire was incredibly scorching. Her skin was severely scalded. She was losing her breath and felt light headed. She fell to her knees, beaten. Her daughter screamed out her name. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t save her. Slowly she crawled towards the main door, leaving her child in the mercy of the fire.

Outside she was met by relieved neighbours. She avidly sucked the fresh air into her lungs. Her mind cleared slowly. The whole house was now in flames. Her daughter was still screaming. In a move that dazzled all, she ran back into the blazing house. The onlookers caught their breath.




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