Maybe, Maybe Not…(part 2)

The damn car refused to stop. He mumbled a brief prayer. Perhaps God would be in a forgiving mood.

Her eyes were shut. Her muscles were numb. Her feet wobbled and clattered against each other. Her heart palpitated like Brazilian samba drums. Blood raced in her veins like frightened wild horses. Her jaw was clenched tighter than a vice. Her short life flashed before her eyes. Why had she not been more careful? Her mother would miss her. She would not get her kitten. At least she was sure she would go to heaven. She could not bear to open her eyes. She could still hear the screeching of tires.

The car was close, very close.He had slammed on the brakes. The tires protested in fury, the smell of burnt rubber invaded the air. His eyes were wide with shock. He had not seen the little girl until it was too late. Had he not been drinking, perhaps he would have. The car skidded madly. He tried to control it but it stubbornly fought back. She had closed her eyes and just stood there. Why couldn’t she run out of the way? She stood in a zombie like trance.

He heard someone scream. A man was dashing into the road like a madman.He had left his vegetable stand in a bolt. He barely had seconds. He had to save her. She was rooted to the spot. His adrenalin was pumped. He had to get her before the car did. It was obviously out of control. Everything happened in a slow motion. Every inch seemed like a mile. His muscles hurt from the sudden flurry. His heartbeat was audible. His adrenaline went into overdrive. He was very close, but so was the car.

She had reached the street a tad bit late. Her daughter was in the middle of the street. A car was menacingly approaching her. She could only scream, and scream she did. She was too far to save her only daughter. The car was trying to stop but it still skid precariously toward her. Her whole body shook like a leaf. Her knees felt like rubber. Her hands shook. She saw a young man scurrying towards her. He was almost there. She could not bear to watch.
He could already envision himself in prison. Driving under the influence of alcohol. He did not want to add manslaughter onto that. The damn car refused to stop. He mumbled a brief prayer. Perhaps God would be in a forgiving mood.

The vegetable vendor was now two meters away. The car was three seconds away. The girl was still in a spell like trance. He was now only a meter away. He had made it. His children would be proud of him. His wife would be ecstatic. He outstretched his arms and caught her by her shoulders. The car was a mere second away. He would save her first. He threw her out of harm’s way and she went flying into the air. A loud bang was heard. The girl landed on the sidewalk. She looked back and saw a mangled body on the street. Blood was everywhere. The man who had saved her. She barely noticed that blood was oozing from her head.


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