NAIROBI- ‘The War Zone’

A man bumps into me and I nearly lose my balance. Before I can regain my footing a middle aged woman who is wildly swinging her hands nearly destroys… Continue reading NAIROBI- ‘The War Zone’

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the inferno… (part 2)

Their stomachs were tied up in knots. Most jaws dropped and eyeballs popped at the unfolding scenario. Some could barely watch. The crazy woman had signed her death wish by running back into the burning building. It was only a matter of time before the beams gave way and the whole structure descended on her. Everyone was on edge. The moment she was back inside … Continue reading the inferno… (part 2)

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‘kumi kumi’ on the rocks

My heart throbbed with excitement as we made our way to the land of ‘Kumi Kumi’. The journey seemed to take ages but we finally got to the small dusty village tucked neatly away in Central Kenya. I was immediately taken aback by the first sight. Men’s bodies were littered on the streets and lay strewn in basking positions. For a moment I thought I … Continue reading ‘kumi kumi’ on the rocks

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Fred Kiarie- The Inferno

The Inferno

‘Slowly she crawled towards the main door, leaving her child in the mercy of the fire…’   The screams jolted her awake. Groggily she opened her eyes. What she saw struck fear into her heart. For a few seconds she was too dazed to move. She was transfixed on her bed, unable to move a muscle. The acrid smell choked her. The screams outside intensified. … Continue reading The Inferno

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Fred Kiarie - Flirting with a grenade

Flirting with a Grenade…

…the bus conductor wet his pants. When the man removed the pin from the grenade, they all knew it was all over” She thought nothing of the bulge around the man’s midsection. It looked like a normal potbelly, well not so normal, but a potbelly nonetheless. Her thoughts were elsewhere, in a very distant place. So preoccupied was she with her thoughts that she did … Continue reading Flirting with a Grenade…

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Fred Kiarie - Maybe, Maybe Not (Part 2)

Maybe, Maybe Not…(part 2)

The damn car refused to stop. He mumbled a brief prayer. Perhaps God would be in a forgiving mood. Her eyes were shut. Her muscles were numb. Her feet wobbled and clattered against each other. Her heart palpitated like Brazilian samba drums. Blood raced in her veins like frightened wild horses. Her jaw was clenched tighter than a vice. Her short life flashed before her … Continue reading Maybe, Maybe Not…(part 2)

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